A large town on the western coast, Portsmouth was obviously once a prosperous port city. Now, it is a trade city with a population of about 22,000. Many caravans come here on the weekends, hoping to sell their merchandise in the Portsmouth Bazaar. Although the Bazaar is open to all, it is organized by the Half Moon Trading House.

Many weary travelers can find a meal and a room at the Blade and Brew Inn.

The shadier side of town is located in the northern section. Here, residents can find interesting company and plenty of rumors at the Nightingale Pub. Also, adventurers and collectors can find magic items at Elsa’s Apothecary.

The south side of town houses the Wizards’ Library, where many go to practice the arcane arts.

At this point, Portsmouth is our heroes’ home town, and the place that they function out of. In Portsmouth is the shop of Alistair the Historian.


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